iPhone case offers Predator-style heat vision

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Remember the classic action film Predator, in which an alien hunter stalked Arnold Schwarzenegger and his team of commandos in the South American jungle using heat vision?


Well, from next month you will be able to use your iPhone 5 or 5s to pull the same trick.

Thermal imaging company Flir is releasing the Flir One case that adds a heat-vision camera to your iPhone.

Flir says that the case uses special sensor technology that was originally developed for
military night vision, which converts heat – emitted by every object on the planet – into colour images.

“These colour images allow users to not only see in the dark, but to also observe differences in temperature of fractions of a degree, Flir says. “In addition to seeing in the dark and detecting invisible heat sources, the device helps users see through smoke.”

Flir is also releasing a Software Developers Kit for third-party developers, so we could see this thermal imaging technology built into future smartphones.

The Flir One case will go on sale in July in the US for $350.

We figure that Arnie will be the first in line to buy one. Just in case.

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