Feedly hostage crisis enters day 3 with no resolution



Feedly, the RSS reading service, has been under a “DDOS attack” for some time now. Nefarious hackers are bombarding the website’s servers, forcing them offline. According to the company’s blog the attacker is apparently trying to extort money from the company in order to make the attacks stop.

As we’re now in the third day, we’ve decided to put TechDigest into full, overblown, crisis coverage mode.


A couple of hours ago the company posted an update explaining saying it was working with other victims and law enforcement to try and resolve the situation. The good news is that apparently user data is safe – it is just someone attacking the servers to make them inaccessible.

This is what you see if you try to go to feedly.com now.


The attacks are coming in waves – on Wednesday the company thought it had neutralised the problem, but the same thing happened the next day… and it seems, the next day.


We’ll keep you updated of any further developments – and use plenty of “Drudge Report sirens” in the meantime.

James O’Malley
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