Here's why you should be thankful that you don't share a name with a major company


Remember the old British Telecom slogan “its good to talk”? It turns out this may not be the case if you’re a a poor musician who happens to share a name with what could be Britain’s worst ISP.


BT is a Grammy-nominated composer and technologist, and got his hands on the @BT Twitter name before the telecoms company. Now try to imagine thousands of angry BT broadband users wanting to vent their anger at poor service.

Over the last few days BT (the composer) finally had enough and spoke about some of the relentless misdirected abuse he had received…

Luckily though, there was a happy ending of sorts. @BT was given a verified account by Twitter, which includes some extra options for blocking unwanted tweets.

Sadly though, poor BT isn’t the first person this has happened to. A few months ago the plight of poor old @JohnLewis from Virginia, who shares his name with the department store was spotted doing admirable free customer service for his namesake – and he’s still plugging away at directing people to the right place…

In the end, @JohnLewisRetail (the actual shop) made it up to poor old Virginia John:

Perhaps @BTcare should do the same for @BT?

Or you know, it could just make its broadband service less terrible.

James O’Malley
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