Google to launch health app "Google Fit" next week?


After Samsung’s S Health, and Apple’s HealthKit, it seems that Google has its own plans for a health app – and could be announcing (or even launching) it next week.


Google’s I/O developers conference kicks off next Wednesday (think WWDC but for Google’s stuff) and according to Forbes, we’ll be hearing a lot about “Google Fit”.

From the article, it sounds as though it will be very similar to Apple’s recently announced Health app: Rather than rely on users buying a specific fitness device, it will instead aggregate data from a wide range of services so you can view it all in one place. This means that – assuming your third party app of choice is supported – have your pedometer’s step counting aggregated alongside the data from your diet tracking app.

Apple is doing the same thing – the much rumoured iWatch only forming a small part of what the Health app will do. Here’s hoping that device manufacturers will be able to remain compatible with both, rather than have the tech giants force the likes of Fitbit to choose between Apple and Google.

Given how much Google will know about us, perhaps we’ll start receiving Google Now alerts whenever we go into a McDonalds: “Should you really be doing that?”, it could ask.

Tune in next week when we’ll have all of the details from Google I/O.

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