EE opens up broadband service to non-mobile customers


EE has announced this morning that its home broadband service will no longer be restricted to mobile customers – opening up the service for wider usage.


In terms of the offering, there’s essentially parity with all of the other major broadband providers: EE are offering a wide range of packages. Similar to other providers, the first three months of service is heavily discounted – with the cheapest package working out at only £2.50/month for 17Mb (before going up to a tenner).

What’s perhaps most interesting is that EE are offering a £100 contract buy-out to help you get out of your current broadband contract if you’d like to switch.

Whilst this unbundling of services isn’t the most exciting news, it is good for the consumer as it offers more choice and the ability to mix and match services – rather than be locked into the services of one company.

We’re just disappointed that the company didn’t throw in free streaming of Kevin Bacon films.

James O’Malley
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