BBC Playlister adds iTunes support

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The BBC Playlister, a service which lets you “tag” tracks you like from BBC radio and TV programmes has added an option to export your playlist to iTunes.

The move was revealed in a tweet, and has iTunes joining Spotify, YouTube and Deezer as supported services.

As we featured when it launched, Playlister is a clever idea: the idea is that you collect together the tracks that you like from BBC content, and then you can export that playlist to your music player of choice – with the BBC matching the tracks with the databases on the various services.

What makes iTunes unusual compared to the other services is that it is not an “all you can eat” streaming service – and that individual tracks must be bought individually… which means the utility of such an export option might be limited, unless the BBC know something we don’t know about the recent acquisition of Beats Music.

James O’Malley
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  • how do I export my BBC playlister playlist to itunes on my laptop? it keeps trying to install itunes from scratch when I already have it installed and am logged in.

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