Apple cuts prices on Apple TV and iMac in the UK


Good news for British people shopping for Apple products. The company has cut the price of a number of products in its online store.


First off, the venerable desktop iMac has received a cut – the 21.5″ version is now only £899 (roughly equivalent to a MacBook Air). This features a 1.4ghz dual-core Intel i5 processor that can be turboboosted up to 2.7ghz, 8GB RAM, a 500mb HDD and two thunderbolt & four USB 3.0 sockets. Not bad.

Perhaps more interesting though is the price cut on the Apple TV – which has been reduced from £99 to £79, perhaps reflecting how increasingly competitive the TV streaming market has become, with Google’s Chromecast, Roku and games consoles (not to mention smart TVs and the like) providing alternative streaming options to Apple TV.

Given the rumours and speculation over what Apple has planned for Apple TV, you also have to wonder if the company is trying to shift remaining inventory before launching an upgraded product…

James O’Malley
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