Sony to stream its E3 press conference in US cinemas

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It’s ostensibly a trade show, but the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA always generate a lot of buzz among games consumers.


Now, to cater for that enthusiasm, Sony has decided this year to give gamers the option of watching its 2014 E3 press conference streamed live in thier local cinema.

SlashGear reports that the event will take place live on June 9, and will feature a high-definition simulcast of the PlayStation E3 press conference with host Geoff Keighley.

It also says that there will be some perks for those who choose to watch it in the cinema rather than online.

We do have to ask though, what about gamers in the UK and elsewhere in the world who would love to watch a live stream of the press conference in their local multiplex with a box of popcorn in their laps?

It seems that, for now, they’ll have to settle for watching it online.

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