Samsung Galaxy S5 sells 10 million in just 25 days

Samsung, Samsung galaxy

Despite the slightly lukewarm reviews, consumers do not seem to have been put off – with the Galaxy S5 racking up sales of ten million units in just 25 days.


We’re also receiving unconfirmed reports that the hotcakes industry are getting worried that they may no longer be the barometer by which sales success is measured.

As SammyHub reports, each iteration of the phone seems to be selling faster and faster: whilst the S5 took 25 days to 10 million, the S4 took 27 days, S3 took 50 days and S2 took seven months.

So it appears there’s been no fatigue with annualised releases yet – and it suggests that if we extrapolate the data at the current rate, by the time reach the Galaxy S20, it could be selling ten million before it has even been invented. Probably.

James O’Malley
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