Nintendo said to be working on new hardware


According to two sources scooped up by IGN – a former Nintendo employee and a third-party insider – Nintendo is set to announce some new hardware next month, despite cancelling its E3 press conference.


(This is an unofficial render from Nintendo Enthusiast)

The same news has also been picked up upon by VideoGamer, which claims that the upcoming hardware may be linked to the rumoured “Fusion Terminal” and “Fusion DS”, which are said to be successors to the ailing Wii U and the more successful 3DS respectively (the same rumours also suggest that these two devices, assuming they exist, will sport backwards compatibility).

However, other commentators speculate that Nintendo could instead be announcing only a new 3DS product or maybe even simply new accessories. Though this wouldn’t change the current precarious situation Nintendo is in, where both of its major products are arguably rendered redundant by these things called “tablets”.

Nintendo has failed to comment on the situation but must know it needs to do something. And who knows, it could be something completely unexpected. Could it be its first foray into healthcare?

Nicholas Fearn
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