Is this guy the world's least dedicated Twitter user?


Whilst Twitter has millions of users worldwide and has made a huge impact on the global cultural zeitgeist… perhaps it isn’t for everyone. As a guy called Justin seems destined to prove.

New Yorker Justin joined Twitter on February 20th 2008 – and seemed unsure at the time:

A year later – again on the 20th February – he posted his next tweet:

By 2010 – on the 20th February – he was finally on board with the idea:

He kept this up – only tweeting once a year, always on February 20th (USA time):

What dedication!

Maybe next year he’ll finally tell us what he ate for breakfast? You can follow the very slowly unfolding adventure here.

James O’Malley
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One thought on “Is this guy the world's least dedicated Twitter user?

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