Is Nintendo planning a Zelda-related surprise at E3?

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In the early hours of this morning Zelda Williams, the daughter of actor Robin Williams sent an intriguing tweet. Whilst we’re not ones for celebrity gossip here at TechDigest, it is worth remembering that she is named after the Princess Zelda from the Zelda games (her dad is a big fan).


Here’s the tweet – alluding to what she’ll be doing next month at E3, the world’s largest video games show:

Surely – surely – this is the next major Zelda game? So far the WiiU has been depressingly bereft of anything more than a remake of the GameCube’s Zelda: Wind Waker and the forthcoming Hyrule Warriors spin-off (which doesn’t count as a proper Zelda game). But is that we’re all expecting? If it isn’t what we’re expecting (as per the follow-up tweet), what on earth could it be?

Given Nintendo’s current form, I’m personally praying that it isn’t just that Tingle will be in the new Smash Bros game.

Zelda Williams herself has form for turning up to promote the Zelda series though – she has previous appeared in TV adverts for Nintendo, and even turned up live on stage when Nintendo had an orchestra play the Zelda soundtrack to celebrate the series’s 25th anniversary.

Lets cross our fingers and hope its something worth waiting for.

James O’Malley
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