Budget console for emerging markets in the works, says Nintendo


Despite massive losses, which we reported on last night, Nintendo has announced plans to launch a new console at some point in 2015, looking to carry its struggling name on into the future.


However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the WiiU just yet – the new machine will be aimed at “emerging markets”, such as India and China, where a burgeoning middle class are in need of entertainment.

The idea is that with a new budget console, Nintendo will be able to entice buyers in these sort of countries who may not be able to stretch to a machine that comes with, say, a tablet controller.

With regards to specific features, nothing official has been announced yet, and the rumour mill has been quiet at the same time. That said, the company’s CEO Satoru Iwata has hinted at new software: “It would be difficult to enter those markets if we didn’t create something new.”

It wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo has released hardware in China. It previously released the China-only iQue Player, which was essentially an N64 that could only run a handful of built-in games. Presumably, it’ll be taking advantage of the recent relaxation of Chinese regulations on games console sales.

Whatever the case, as the results have made clear, Nintendo really does need to work on something new. So don’t be surprised if this new budget console makes its way to western shores too.

We’ll be sure to keep you all informed!

Nicholas Fearn
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