Will you really spend seven minutes watching a man talk about an iPhone 6 case?


The iPhone 6 is now only maybe five months away, and the speculation is still running rampant about what the device will look like. Adding fuel to the fire, a couple of days ago a video surfaced purporting to show what a case for the new phone will look like – and in the process giving away some interesting facts.

The video, posted by the popular Unbox Therapy YouTube channel shows a case that matches up with the rumoured smaller screen-size – 4.7″ – and notes that the power button has moved to the right hand side (to fit your fingers on the new, larger phone). It is also much thinner than even the iPhone 5S. Dimensions-wise it is about the same size as Google’s Nexus 5.

What’s significant about the video isn’t so much the case itself (“The new iPhone is a rectangle OMG!”), but appears to be a further indication that the size rumours are bang on the money, if this physical manifestation is anything to go by. Crucially, the source of the case in the video is someone who has form for these sorts of leaks – having previously been right about the iPhone 5 and 5S too. So perhaps the larger screen – and dreams of an iPhone phablet aren’t too wide of the mark after all.

Now to keep counting the days until September!

James O’Malley
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