The Simpsons pay tribute to Minecraft


We’ve known for some time now that Minecraft is a phenomenon – but now we’ve proof in the form of what is perhaps the ultimate accolade: A Simpsons parody.


In the episode that aired in America last night, the entire introduction sequence was reworked in the style of Notch’s game – complete with a blocky Simpsons family and Moe making an appearance as a creeper.

You can see it here – or at least until it is yanked off of YouTube by Fox:

Whilst it has taken a few years now to earn a Simpsons parody, Minecrafters themselves haven’t waited around – with this fan-made Simpsons intro made in Minecraft itself. Astonishingly, it has had over four million views:

Now when is Game of Thrones going to parody Roller-coaster Tycoon?

James O’Malley
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