Irate Sky Broadband customer sets up his own "helpline"


Writer Jon Silk (@jonsilk), who blogs for the Telegraph, clearly isn’t having much luck with Sky Broadband – so much so, he has come up with an ingenious way to goad the company into helping him out. He’s setup his own helpline, and sent Sky the number to call.

In various twitter exchanges with @SkyHelpTeam, he’s been asking them to get in touch through the special number he’s setup: 020 3355 0335.

Unfortunately for Sky’s customer services team, when they dial through, they’ll hear something like this:

Apparently the phone line has received over 200 calls since he posted it to Twitter – though we’re not entirely sure how many were from Sky.

Here’s hoping Jon gets his broadband fixed soon, lest he escalate this campaign any further.

James O’Malley
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