Free Kindle ebooks for Samsung users starting from today

Amazon, Samsung

Samsung this morning have announced a tie-up with Amazon to offer free Kindle books to smartphone customers. Owners of Galaxy smartphones and tablets will be able to download one free book a month.


Each month, customers will have the option of selecting one of four free titles to download from the special Kindle for Samsung app. Apparently the four options will be “specifically chosen” for Galaxy users – because Samsung know what individual free spirits they are (I’m paraphrasing).

The app itself will be available for any Galaxy users using Android 4.0 and above and in every other respect, seems identical from the standard Android Kindle app – with Amazon’s whispersync service for remember what page you’re on still working the same.

It’s an interesting move and an easy win for both Samsung and Amazon – Samsung have an easy value-add for their devices and don’t have to worry about their own ebook service, Amazon get more people locked into the Kindle eco-system – and consumers are happy because, well, who doesn’t love something for free?

Kindle for Samsung is available now in 90 countries, apparently – from Samsung Apps.

James O’Malley
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