Could TV shows be made for Oculus Rift?


Intriguing news from the MIPTV festival in Cannes, where it has emerged that David Attenborough – one of the top 5 humans – is working on a nature documentary… for Oculus Rift. Yep, you read that right.


Apparently Atlantic Productions, who are behind the previous Attenborough documentaries that have shown on Sky’s 3D channel are working on adapting one currently in production – Conquest of the Skies – for use on the virtual reality headset.

Apparently the company have already got hold of some Oculus development kits and helpfully, have already shot some footage with 360-degree cameras, as well as in 3D – which will mean that Rift users should be able to move their heads around to see a full picture of what is going on.

The move makes a lot of sense too. Despite Sky and the film industry’s best efforts, 3D still hasn’t caught on in a big way. In fact, consumers are actively rejecting 3D – with many shifting to see films in 2D instead. The BBC even closed its experimental 3D channel last year and gave up. Perhaps shifting to the Rift and other emerging VR technologies could be the way to go – not to mention there’s the PR kudos of being first to do it. It’ll be interesting to see if other TV shows and films follow suit.

Previous films in the series include Flying Monsters 3D – you can see the trailer below.

James O’Malley
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