Wearables: Have Fleksy solved typing on a smartwatch?


It seems like everyone is excited about smartwatches at the moment. The whole industry is gearing up for a big push over the next few years as a whole new product category is opened up… but there is one problem. How can we type? Seeing notifications and pressing the occasional button is nice but… it’s not very interactive, is it? This is where Fleksy could step in – and provide a keyboard that actually works on a smartwatch.

I spoke to Fleksy’s COO and Founder Ioannis Verdelis at the Wearable Tech Conference in London – and he gave me a demo of the technology in action.

In essence, it appears to be pretty similar to the likes of Swiftkey and Swype – using a combination of gestures and clever algorithms to spellcheck against the random string of characters you’ve mashed in using your big fat fingers. But it appears to work rather well too – on the video Ioannis types the word “California” completely incoherently but it managed to make sense of it.

Fleksy is already available on Google Play, and apparently the plan is to integrate it with a number of devices in the future. I suppose those conversations are exactly why they’re at the Wearable Tech Show.

James O’Malley
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