Wearable Tech Conference: Autographer


Ever feel like you’re being watched? Unlike many of the products on show at the Wearable Tech Conference, Autographer is already out there and available in shops – including good old reliable Argos. But what is it?


To find out, I spoke to Phil Wood, New Business Development Director at Autographer, whilst at the Wearable Technology Conference.

In essence, Autographer is a life-logging device – its a camera you wear around your neck, and it will automatically take a photo every few seconds – or every time it detects a significant change in conditions (eg, movement, light and so on). The idea is that it works like a GoPro for still images – with the argument that its easier to parse through a bunch of images than an eight hour long video. The other advantage, presumably, is that images are much easier to share on social media.

Apparently spec-wise, it can shoot photos in 1920×1080, and has GPS, bluetooth and 8GB of storage built in. The former to geotag your photos, and the latter to transfer to your computer or phone/tablet app – apparently the apps will help you import photos, or even assemble them into a video. The battery will apparently last for about 8 hours if you leave everything switched on – but longer if you switch GPS (etc) off. Helpfully there’s a little display on the unit that will tell you how much space is left on the device.

Of course, all of this comes at a price: a hefty £300. Apparently the company are working on reducing costs… we should hope so too!

James O’Malley
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