Tado thermostat coming to Dixons and Maplin next month

Internet Of Things

Not the sexiest of gadgets, I admit – but still cool (or, rather, nicely warm) news. Tado, the wifi thermostat company have announced their clever new device will be available on the shelves of two major British retailers from next month.


The device is a clever piece of kit. It replaces your thermostat, and connects wirelessly to your router (albeit by a proprietary wireless connection, not your wifi network) – and then you can use an app to control your heating through an app on your phone whether you’re at home or not. The device also has a built in temperature sensor, so will switch off if it gets too warm.

The real cleverness comes in the app – with the ability to not only set timers for when the heating should switch on, but also by detecting your presence. If the app detects you’re on your way home, it’ll warm your house up so it is pleasant when you get home. Brilliant.

The “internet of things” is well and truly here as wifi thermostats become commonplace. Speaking personally, I’ve been using a Tado for a few months now (one of the first people in the UK, I believe) and it is an amazing piece of kit (see my review here).

The in-store roll-out will apparently see 80 retail outlets sell Tado from April, with it eventually scaling up to 500 Dixons and 230 Maplin stores. Umm, just in time for summer.

We’re not entirely sure on pricing yet, but expect pricing options to include both manual installation and having a qualified electrician come and do the job.

James O’Malley
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