LUUV will make your videos more… Luuv-ly.


Shooting video on phones is always getting better – every few months manufacturers will make a huge announcement about how their sensors are getting even better, but there is still one perennial problem: the user. We just can’t hold the damn things still. Lucky for us then, that the LUUV has just been announced – which could solve the problem entirely.

The TV and film industry solved this problem decades ago, with the introduction of the steadicam in the late 70s, which revolutionised the sorts of shots that could be accomplished. Unfortunately, its all rather bulky – forcing camera people to wear a massive harness. Fastforward on a few decades though, and the tech is ready for consumers.


LUUV is a steadicam designed for mobile phones and GoPros. You mount your phone in the top and hold it by the handle – then you can film skateboarding, snowmobiling or whatever dangerous activity you’re trying to capture, with the built in counterweight correcting for any shaking.

If you want to manoeuvre your camera as it is mounted, you can twist a couple of controls on the unit – so you don’t have to touch (and shake) your camera whilst it is recording the action.

Finally you can live your dream of recreating West Wing ‘walk & talk’ scenes, without worrying about a shaky camera. (It’s not just me who wants to do that, right?).

Like everything these days, it is being crowdfunded, and annoyingly it appears though the initial units will be pricey – upwards of $200 (about £120). Let’s hope they can manufacturer it soon and make it cheaper.

James O’Malley
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