Google Play Games platform coming to iPhone

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Whoops, someone at Google has hit the “publish” button too early and spilled the beans on the company’s plans to launch their gaming platform – Google Play Games – on iOS devices (ie: iPhone and iPad).

google play games big.png

Baked in by default to newer versions of Android, Play Games works a bit like Apple’s Game Center, providing developers with a common platform on which to share game data. In other words, it will manage high score tables, multiplayer invites, achievements and even cloud-saved games. What makes this particularly intriguing is that it could work across platforms – bridging the Android/iOS divide and enabling iPhone users to challenge Android friends at multiplayer games.

This isn’t all – Google have also announced plans to upgrade Play Games, and enable users to send each other in-game gifts – presumably driven by Google Plus. This means that now rather than spend all of your hard-earned real money on pretend Candy Crush money, you can now take the virtual begging bowl to your friends to fuel your addiction too.

This was all set to be revealed at the Game Developers Conference on the 18th March – so if you’re going, try to act surprised when they tell you about it.

James O’Malley
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