Virgin America find a way to make flying even worse

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So it turns out that Grindr may not be the only app that is full of dicks following the launch of the “Here for Biz” social networking app, which Virgin America airlines are touting as an “in flight social network” for business travellers.


In a move that will arguably make air travel even more unbearable, Virgin America have announced support for the app – which will use the airline’s in-flight wifi and “purpose-built algorithms” to ensure GPS connectivity whilst in the sky.


The way the app works is pretty simple – you put in links to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and inevitably, LinkedIn) and you can fill out a bio explaining who you are. Then the app will figure out who is nearby, and let you talk to them through a text message/WhatsApp style interface. And hey, who knows? If you get lucky, one of the people on the plane might sidle over and chat face-to-face… so you’ll have to spend four hours stuck in an inescapable metal tube listening to a guy who works in marketing talk about “brand engagement”.

The demand apparently came from business travellers who were surveyed and wanted a way to network before even reaching whatever tedious conference they’re going to. We just feel sorry for the poor people who want to sleep.


Mercifully too, it looks like the idea is staying in America at the moment – only taking place on Virgin America’s domestic flights, but don’t be surprised if it makes its way over to British shores soon.

Besides, London buses have had this technology for years. On every night bus, there’s always an extremely drunk man insisting on trying to talk to everyone on the bus – and who thinks that everyone really wants to listen to him.

Thanks, Virgin.

James O’Malley
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