Bluetooth ZX Spectrum takes your iPad back to the past


Good news for Marty McFly when he arrives in the future next year – he’ll be able to use a new iPad add-on to recreate the 1980s’ beloved ZX Spectrum more accurately.


Whilst we’re still waiting for hoverboards, the Bluetooth ZX Spectrum from Elite Systems will have to do. Designed to be used in tandem with their Spectrum iPad or Android App, it works in two different modes: as a games controller, and as a standard keyboard.


Modelled after the classic Spectrum keyboard, it’ll make playing the likes of Elite, R-Type and Chuckie Egg much easier than the on-screen controls – and when you need to do some work, you’ll be able to use the keyboard to write emails and the like too. Like the original Spectrum – it has authentic rubber keys, with none of that “solid plastic” nonsense that later became fashionable. And as it’s just a dressed up (albeit, very nicely dressed up) bluetooth keyboard, it’ll also work with PCs and Macs – anything you can pair it too!

Unfortunately the keyboard isn’t yet available. Like everything these days the makers are trying to fund it with a Kickstarter – though at time of writing it has already raised £15k of a needed £60k… so looks like we could have it sooner rather than later. When it is finally available they expect it to retail for around £40-50.

James O’Malley
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