Nvidia add live Twitch streaming to their GeForce Experience PC gaming app


Graphics card manufacturers Nvidia have (as of four minutes ago!) rolled out an update to the GeForce Experience PC application – enabling Twitch live streaming for the first time.


The GeForce Experience app has been around for some time now, and enables PC players to easily tweak the configuration of their GeForce graphics cards, to optimise the graphics for their hardware configuration. All you have to do is install the app and it’ll figure out what games you have installed, and with one click you can fix the graphics settings. Neat.

Also in the app is the ability to capture video of your gameplay – using what they call “ShadowPlay”. Previously this has only saved a file locally on your computer (for uploading to YouTube, etc), but with the 1.8.1 release it adds the ability to stream to the Twitch service, that has become obscenely popular amongst gamers. This mean you can share in real time what you’re doing with viewers of the service. Nvidia claim because it’s all captured by the hardware on the card, performance is only minimally impacted when recording. (You trigger the recordings by pressing either alt+F10 for a buffered recording, or alt+F9 for manual start/stop).

It’s perhaps no surprise that Twitch has been added. After gaining traction over the last few years it now comes baked in by default on both Xbox One and PS4, and is essentially a new standard. So this is definitely a nice add-on for PC gamers with a compatible graphics card.

The update can be downloaded from the GeForce Experience website.

James O’Malley
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