Cyber Monday shunned in favour of last minute Christmas panic



It may have been hyped in the media as the UK antidote to Black Friday, but yesterday’s Cyber Monday was not the day when most Brits bought their Xmas gifts online. 

At least that’s according to a study of 2,000 UK adults by Virgin Media which showed that more people will wait until Christmas Eve. 7% of those asked will leave their web shopping until the day before Christmas while another 7% of respondents will wait until after December 25th to buy gifts in online Boxing Day sales. 56% of people will do their online Christmas shopping over a number of weeks rather than a single day.

Despite the hype surrounding Cyber Monday, the day when online Christmas shopping is widely predicted to peak, only 5% of Brits asked in the poll said they were planning to purchase the majority of their festive gifts on this day.

When it comes to technologies, 55% of respondents said they will do the majority of their Christmas shopping on a computer or laptop and 18% plan to use smartphones or tablets as their primary shopping devices with 3% actually planning to do the majority of their Christmas shopping over the phone.

One in ten of those asked plan on using public WiFi in cities and on public transport with one in four ‘showrooming’ by choosing gifts in store first but then buying online, 

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