Xbox One controller cost nearly $100m, and had built-in smellovision


Some intriguing news this morning courtesy of Venturebeat, who are reporting that Microsoft apparently spent over $100m developing the Xbox One controller – impressive for something that looks nearly exactly the same.


Oh, how different it could have been – apparently Redmond physically built hundreds of controller prototypes using 3D printers. Controllers had everything from built in screens to touchpads to… smellovision. Yes, that’s right – Venturebeat quote one developer saying they built a controller loaded with different “slugs” that would release smells relevant to the game.

Considering the number of games where for one reason or another you end up in the sewers, I’m quite pleased this didn’t come to pass.

Another rejected design apparently had a built in projector, which I guess might have been related to the sadly MIA Illumiroom technology.

So why does the controller now look essentially the same as the 360? Apparently after extensive testing with other developers and a group of “elite users” with high gamerscores, they realised that familiarity is best. Still – I’m sure there’s nothing better that $100m could have been spent on, right?

What would you like to have seen on the Xbox One controller? Let us know in the comments!

James O’Malley
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