Videos of the PS4 getting destroyed on launch day


Whilst we in the UK have to wait another week, the PS4 has today gone on sale in the United States. Finally the general public can get their hands on it… and then, of course… destroy it.

Depressingly there’s an entire YouTube genre of people destroying brand new gadgets – and despite the time in the states currently being only 8:45am, several PS4s have already bitten the dust. Here’s a selection.

Destruction in the queue

At Best Buy in Orlando someone decided to smash their new console right in front of the other people in the queue. Lucky they were carrying a baseball bat really.

PeeStation 4

This kid, who has over 400,000 followers on YouTube decided to destroy his PS4 in his garage. And then urinate on it. All for his YouTube fans. Is this what modern viewing is now – begging for likes on a video of a man urinating? Jacob Bronowski is spinning in his grave.

My favourite part is when he takes a baseball bat to it, only to discover it’s a bit tougher than he expected.

.50 Cal

At least this chap means business. In this video he shoots the console with two high powered rifles in slow motion – so we can watch it back at 50,000 frames per second.

Meanwhile in China, a production-line worker at Foxconn who is tasked with manufacturing the PS4 is saddened that it’s so easy for someone in the west to destroy not only his hard work, but waste money equivalent to 6 weeks wages.

South Park

Finally here’s a clip from the most recent American episode of South Park. Whilst no PS4 is destroyed, the war between console owners is aptly satirises:

Britain Next Week

So that’s it – we’ve got another week until the console goes on sale over here, where things are much more civilised. We’re not barbarians like the Americans – we know that if a PS4 were to be found smashed upside down in a bag that had been padlocked, say, then it would almost certainly be an accident.

James O’Malley
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