PS4 could push Xmas console sales figures to 10 million

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As the launches of the PS4
and Xbox One near the early signs are showing that there could be a record
amount of sales running up to the Christmas period and beyond.


At the Tokyo Game Show
earlier this year, Sony’s top bosses announced that they hoped sales would
reach 5 million by 31 March 2014. Combine this with the tight competition by
Xbox One and early
had sales at 10 million by at least March 2014.


However, pre-order sales
have risen above all expectations for both consoles and the sales could reach this
mark a lot sooner. Pre orders in Britain for the PS4 have taken up a lion’s
share of the list according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Vice President and
Managing Director for the UK, Fergal Gara. 


It also forced Gara
to show his hand
and explain that pre-orders already in place are ‘almost
certain’ to get their hands on the console before Christmas.


Without a pre-order gamers
may be waiting beyond the fiscal year before they can walk into a high street
retailer and purchase one of the new consoles straight from the shelf. GAME are still taking
pre-orders for PS4s and with just a £20 deposit they are guaranteeing that it
will be delivered before Christmas – as long as you place your order soon!


The PS4 has every reason
to be dominating most of the attention in the tech world with many new features
for all Sony fans to enjoy.


With a new generation of
gaming including enhanced graphics and social features with an improved
PlayStation Store that learns from the individual gamer, Sony’s promises are


This console is set to be
the most personally defined in the world. As well as this the much derided PS3
Dualshock controller gets a severe upgrade from a more responsive, light and
comfortable gaming experience.

The welcome addition of
Remote Play with the PlayStation Vita will also provide a new and unknown
dimension for PlayStation fans.


There is also further
excitement as games exclusive to the new console will be released beside it
such as DriveClub, Knack, The Crew and The Division.
With exclusive gaming experience, the normal ‘wait for a year’ attitude when
buying a new console has changed as the PS4 is instantly showing what it can


With demand increasing by
the day as the launch nears, there is only a short time before avid gamers will
get their hands on this coveted console.


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