Nintendo prepares for Christmas assault by announcing new bundles for the Wii U


Nintendo today have announced three new bundles aimed at reviving interest in it’s ailing Wii U console. Could the The Mario & Luigi Premium Pack, Party Pack and Just Dance Pack turn things around?


So here are the bundles:

  • Mario & Luigi Premium Pack – Pairing up Super Mario Bros U and New Super Luigi U on to one game disc, this bundle comes with a 32GB black Wii U & gamepad. Clearly aimed at the hardcore gamers who’ve perhaps been put-off until now… but could the temptation to play with Mario and Luigi again prove overwhelming? This pack will be hitting the shops (at least the ones that are still selling the Wii U) on 8th November.
  • Wii Party U Basic Pack – This will get you the standard white 8GB Wii U, with release title Nintendoland and the brand new Wii Party U (due later this month – 25th October – on it’s own), which is a collection of over 80 new minigames. This pack will be released on 15th November.
  • Just Dance 2014 Basic Pack – Perhaps one for a younger sister, or to play yourself whilst ashamed and alone, unsurprisingly this comes with Just Dance 2014 – as well as Nintendoland. This also comes with an 8GB white Wii U. The bundle will be available from 22nd November.

Nintendo’s latest home console has been struggling for some time now – with sales well below what had been expected. The theory goes that this is because many of the millions of casual gamers who bought the original Wii for Wii Sports alone do not realise that the Wii U is a whole new console – and think it is merely an expensive and bulky controller add-on for the original console. Could these bundles convince them otherwise? I wonder if by bundling up a game like Just Dance might just do the trick? Sure you’ll never get the customer to sit down with Zelda Wind Waker HD, but you might get them to spend a few quid on their new Just Dance Machine.

We’ve no word on pricing just yet, but will keep you posted!

James O’Malley
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