Sony reveal new thinner, lighter PS Vita, drops OLED for LCD

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2013-ps-vita.pngReady just in time to partner up nicely with the PlayStation 4 console will be a new thinner and lighter PS Vita gaming handheld, Sony announced today.

Revealed at the company’s pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, the all-new Vita model will also come with built-in memory for the first time.
2013-ps-vita-2.jpgDesigned to be a “more casual and easier to use” model of the handheld, it’s knocked 20% off the thickeness of the already-svelte Vita, as well as being 15% lighter.

The console is also said to be more affordable than its predecessor, but that will come at a price. Rather than using the original Vita’s gorgeous OLED, the new Vita will use an LCD touchscreen.

Battery life gets a one hour boost too, while 1GB of internal storage now features. That’s not enough to hold most Vita games, but Sony also revealed alongside the revised handheld a new PS Vita memory card that allows for up to 64GB of storage.

Set to be available in six colours, the new Vita is so far only pencilled in for a Japanese release, landing on October 10 for 18980 YEN (about £120). With the PS4’s screen sharing capabilities with the PS Vita and offscreen play on the handheld, we wouldn’t be surprised if this gets a wider release ahead of the home console’s in-store date.

Gerald Lynch
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