Lost luggage man takes on British Airways with promoted Tweet

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british-airways-plane.jpgYou could rant and rage at staff and flight attendants if your luggage is lost in transit at an airport, but at best that’s only going to get you a strained apology through a perma-grin smile or, at worst, forcibly removed by burley security guards.

But in this era when the Tweet is mightier than the sword, one man has took on aviation giants British Airways over Twitter.

Hasan “@HVSVN” Syed, was properly peeved off with the airline after it lost his father luggage. Dissatisfied with the customer service team’s response to his plight, Syed took to Twitter, using the social network’s self-serve ad platform to purchase promoted tweets in the New York City and UK markets:
ba-tweet.jpgWhile it’s not clear how much Syed paid, nor how BA have responded to the Tweet, we’d put money on there being a team or airport porters frantically searching baggage trolleys at the moment, while Syed’s airmiles Executive Points will surely get a boost as recompense.

Gerald Lynch
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