Apple stores told to expect two separate new hardware deliveries – iPhone 5S AND 5C?

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ios-7-apple-top-thumb.pngMusic to the ears of Apple fans (and likely the beginnings of a month of major headaches for Apple store employees), rumour has it that the Cupertino company’s retail staff have been told to expect two separate deliveries of brand new hardware in the coming weeks.

That’s according to unnamed “sources” quoted by the Telegraph, who claim staff are being prepped to start advertising three mobile phones in stores for three different price points. That’s likely putting the as-yet-unrevealed iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at the top and low end of the pricing scales respectively, while last year’s iPhone 5 would sit in between for Johnny-Come-Latelies.

Though Apple’s outgoing generation of products always retain a fair chunk of their premium price tags when the new stuff hits stores, it’s still interesting to see the 5C potentially positioned at the entry level tier. What this means for surplus iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S stock remains to be seen – could the 5C undercut their current price points too?

Gerald Lynch
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