Xbox One unboxing video: There's a headset in the box after all!

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Oh Microsoft, you big teases – first you stress us all out with your mad used game and always online polices for Xbox One, and then you u-turn on them. Then you tell us that there will be no headset included in the box with the Xbox One and to rely on the Kinect microphone instead, and now your official unboxing reveals that you WILL be putting a headset in afterall!

Seemingly taking onboard the steady stream of criticism that has rocked the launch of the Xbox One console, Microsoft are systematically allaying gamer’s fears with every new bit of news shared. The announcement that a mono headset will be coming to all versions of the console, not just the limited Day One Edition, being the latest crowd-pleaser.

Microsoft have also recently confirmed that an adapter for last-gen Xbox headsets will also be available at some point in the future, as they are not compatible out-of-the-box with the Xbox One console.

Alongside the system, the controller, the new Kinect sensor and the consoles power pack, the unboxing video above also reveals that the Xbox One will be shipping with a 4K-compatible HDMI cable, future-proofing the system for the next wave of television standards (even if its own output resolution remains resolutely 1080p).

Hit the video above to check it all out.

Gerald Lynch
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