Taiwanese celebrity Jimmy Lin poses with alleged iPhone 5C

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lin-iphone-5c.jpgFool me once Jimmy Lin, but fool me twice? No dice. The Taiwanese pop star, actor and former racing car driver with a penchant for getting his hands on “legit” Apple products ahead of release is at it again, this time posing for a selfie with what’s claimed to be the budget-friendly iPhone 5C.

Posted to Weibo, It certainly looks similar to previous leaks for the rumoured handset we’ve seen, with it’s white plastic rounded casing and camera placement. He even pictures it alongside an iPhone 5 for posterity.

But that Lin’s a tricksy fellow – we saw straight through his pre-iPad Mini “iPad Mini” knock-off photo, for starters. Why the hell would Apple let this guy get early access to their devices ahead of anyone else in the entire world? Even if one had snuck off a production line somewhere it’d be highly unlikely that it’d make its way first into the hands of a locally-famous person.

Going by the previous iPad Mini shot, we’d say Lin has some decent connections in the fake Apple device black market, and nothing more.

Gerald Lynch
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