Over half the UK population now active Facebook users

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facebook-logo-thumb.jpegSure, you lot are all like “man, I’m quitting Facebook, this new news feed sucks, there’s too many adverts, blah, blah, blah”. But the numbers tell a different story: over half the UK population are now active Facebook users.

Revealing the latest UK-specific user data, the breakdown is as follows:

Monthly Active Users Total: 33 million
Daily Active Users Total: 24 million
Monthly Active Users, Mobile: 26 million
Daily Active Users, Mobile: 20 million

As Facebook point out, the platform now has “a daily reach which exceeds many platforms’ monthly user figures.”

The data also shows that increasingly UK Facebookers are using mobile devices to post their latest cutting Breaking Bad status updates and drunken party snaps. For a site that began life as a desktop service only, it’s mobile offering has evolved into a robust platform that will likely overtake its desktop counterpart before long it seems.

Gerald Lynch
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