Nvidia CEO confirms company is "working really hard" on Surface RT 2

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Surface-big-top.jpgNvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has confirmed that his graphics chip manufacturing company are hard at work on the development of Microsoft’s Surface RT 2 tablet.

Speaking to CNET, Huang said that his company were “working really hard” on the second generation Surface, in the hope that it will be more successful than its predecessor.

Nvidia provided Tegra 3 chips for the original Surface RT tablet that, while commendable from an industrial design standpoint, had crippling software compatibility issues and seemed a poor purchase choice when saddled up next to the superior Surface Pro, which runs full Windows 8.

“It is the killer app for Windows,” Huang told CNET.

“Now we’re going to bring it with the second-generation Surface. We’re working really hard on it, and we hope that it’s going to be a big success.”

For Huang, the Surface RT 2 needs to be a far greater success than its predecessor. Though never explicitly pointing a finger at Windows RT as the cause of the companies weakened bottom line, Nvidia are said to have invested some $300 million in the platform, money that Huang admits that “we don’t expect it in the short term to come back.”

“This particular platform just didn’t do as well as we or frankly anybody in the industry had hoped,” he stated.

Gerald Lynch
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