iOS 7 hitting older iPhones on September 10 as well as iPhone 5S and 5C?

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apple-ios-7-apps.jpgJust because you can’t afford to rush out and buy a new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C after they’ve been officially revealed (supposedly on September 10) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some fresh Apple goodies all the same. According to an email sent to a developer from Siri developers Nuance, all older compatible iOS devices will be making the jump to iOS 7 on September 10 too, despite the fact it’ll likely be a few days after that that the new Apple handsets will be going on sale.

Developer Owen Williams received the email from Nuance, which stated that “iOS 7 GA will be released on 10 September.” A screengrab of the email can be found immediately below:
nuance0ios7.jpg“GA” here refers to General Avaialbliltiy, or the roll out of iOS 7 to previous generation iPhones, iPod touch models and iPads. The new OS landing alongside new iPhones isn’t all that surprising, but to see it apparently confirmed for older devices before a Gold Master release (giving developers some time to work with the new SDK prior to release) is unusual, as is the case here.

If it all turns out to be accurate though, some of the most exciting new iPhone features will be available to existing iPhone owners sometime before even the latest models hit store shelves.

Gerald Lynch
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