Apple's Siri scoffs at Google Glass

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siri-glass-2.pngApple’s voice activated iOS personal assistant, Siri, isn’t all that good at doing the things it’s supposed to, like searching the web for local amenities, or understanding anyone that doesn’t speak with plums in their mouth. What it has got very good at though is trash talking the competition.

The latest update to the iPhone butler has seen it become able to distinguish between “glass”, the stuff that your windows are made of, and “Glass”, the Google-built augmented reality headset. And boy, does it have some choice words to share on the tech-savvy spectacles.

Give Siri the Google Glass activation phrase “Okay Glass”, and it’ll fire back with one liners like “I think that Glass is half empty” and “Stop trying to strap me to your forehead – it won’t work”. It’s no fluke either, with at least a dozen responses dissing the Google product.

Try it out for yourself – it’ll be the most use you’ve got out of Siri in months.

Gerald Lynch
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