Getting ink on this origami Samsung printer made of cardboard may be a problem

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samsung-paper-printer.jpgAh, now this is clever – Samsung have designed a trio of laser printer concepts, one of which could be partly made of cardboard.

Recognised by the International Design Excellence Awards 2013, the Samsung Origami was envisioned as a commentary on printing’s effect on the environment – printer cartridges are notoriously difficult to efficiently dispose of, and all printers make heavy use of plastics in their construction. Made of recycled materials, the Samsung Origami is also eco-friendly, built with far less plastics and plenty of biodegradable cardboard in its place.

Folded together by the user around the plastic printing mechanisms, all construction instructions are printed onto the cardboard casing itself, saving on paper manuals.

“There’s no barrier for production,” Samsung’s senior designer Juehyun Jung told Wired.

“After a few engineering problems are solved, it can be offered about 10 per cent cheaper, compared to other products in same segment.”

Not sure how a leaky ink cartridge would fair within a paper design, but it’s good to see Samsung thinking outside of the box.

Gerald Lynch
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