Sky Now TV streaming box adds Sky Movies streaming, iPlayer to dumb TVs for £10

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now-tv-streaming-box.jpgSky have today announced the Now TV Box, a small web-connected set top box that will add Sky Movies and Sky Sports streaming through the Now TV platform alongside BBC iPlayer streaming to dumb TVs for just £9.99.

Hooking up to a TV over HDMI and connecting to a wireless internet connection, the box will also offer access to the Demand 5, BBC News and Sky News catch-up players, as well as apps like Spotify, Facebook and Flickr.

Looking remarkably like the Roku TV streaming boxes (unsurprising considering Sky are investors in the company), those interested can pick the box up today from

A tidy looking device at just 84 x 84 x 24 mm, it’s another arrow in Sky’s quiver in the fight against Netflix and LoveFilm Instant’s streaming dominance. However, Now TV remains a pricey proposition; though there’s a 30 day free trial for new subscribers, it’s £8.99 for the first three months after that point, rising to £15 a month after that. A day pass to Sky Sports costs £9.99.

Gerald Lynch
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