Proporta reveal universal smartphone and tablet cases: One size fits iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and more!

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proporta universal case.jpgIf you (as we expect most of you Tech Digest readers to be) are of the techy persuasion, it’s likely that you’ve had a fair few smartphones over the past few years. And if your as prescious about your tech as we are, you’ve probably had a handful of cases to protect them with, each made obsolete with every subsequent handset upgrade as manufacturers vary and improve upon their phone designs. Looking after your pricey gadgets can get even pricier as you nab a load of protective accessories each time.

Which is why Proporta’s new range of Frankie and Gecko cases are such a smart idea. Compatible with a wide range of phones and tablets, each features an adjustable set of straps and clasps, stuck snugly in place with velcro which can be moved to fit your device of choice.

Take the Frankie tablet case; made from fine leather, it can double as a stand if required. Aimed at any number of 10-inch tablets, it’ll fit full-size iPads as well as the recently released Sony Xperia Z tablet, alongside 10inch tablets from Samsung and Google.

Likewise the Gecko option will be able to fit a wide range of smartphones including the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, the HTC one, and likely even the forthcoming iPhone 5S unless Apple make some sort of twelve inch egg-shaped monstrosity.

The Frankie tablet case is £34.95 while the Gecko is £19.95 and both are available from Proporta.

Gerald Lynch
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