LG G Watch smartwatch trademark filing revealed alongside potential tablet and Google Glass competitor

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LG_smartwatch-580x404.jpgAfter announcing that they’re planning to give all their future products “G” branding, LG have gone on a bit of a G-spree, submitting trademark filings for all manner of products.

These include the “G Watch”, presumably LG’s answer to the almost-certainly-on-the-way connected wristwatches from Samsung, Microsoft and Apple, as well as the Smartwatch 2 from Sony. Then there’s the G Pad, which seems to herald LG’s return to the tablet space after a string of uninspiring glasses-free 3D tablets.

However, Pocket Droid has also uncovered some more enigmatic trademark listings the company is looking to get hold of in South Korea, including the G Glass, G Link, G Band and G Hub. Could the G Glass be a competitor for Google’s Glass headsets? G Band seems a fitting name for a fitness wristband like the Nike FuelBand and Fitbit too.

As for the G Hub and G Link, we’d expect either some sort of streaming hub, but who knows? Those names could well describe many things.

LG have a press event taking place in New York on August 7. Expect to have a little more light shed on these potential devices then.

Gerald Lynch
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