Lekiosk digital magazine app now available to Windows 8 tablet and desktop users

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UKStore_mag.pngLekiosk is one of the most popular digital magazine reading applications on IOS and Android, popular thanks to its 3D newsstand-like interface.

And now it’s headed to the Windows 8 operating system!

Publishers already touting their wares using lekiosk include the BBC and Dennis Publishing, with magazines such as Wired and T3 available through the service. The magazine library is expected to grow too in the coming months as more and more publishers are being added to lekiosk.

The move of lekiosk to Windows 8 is aimed to bring the digital reading platform to as many desktop users as possible, not to mention the growing number of Windows 8 tablet users. The popularity of Windows 8 has bloomed well with over 60 million licenses sold since release. lekiosk will be looking to capitalise upon the growing userbase, likely to grow substantially again once the consumer friendly features of the Windows 8.1 update land.

lekiosk offers two main price points. Customers can grab 3 magazines for £5 or alternatively 10 magazines for £10. The prices are fairly cheap comparable to those on the high street because the magazine publisher does not have to spend money on printing and transporting the magazine, passing the savings on to you.

Those not fussed about lekiosk’s arrival on Windows 8 can check out rival services such as Apple’s Newsstand, Zinio or Google Play Magazines. However, a quick scan of the lekiosk library, in my opinion, shows lekiosk to have the most comprehensive range of the gang.

For more on lekiosk and its arrival on Microsoft’s platform, click here.

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