Apple store construction crew stunned by discovery of 15th century hospital ruins

Apple, Retail

applehospital.jpgApple’s retail store building crew got a surprise when they uncovered the remains of a 15th century hospital on the site where the company’s newest Madrid store was being built.

The hospital, originally known as San Andres hospital, was used to treat victims of the plague in the 1800s. The hospital was demolished in 1854 leaving behind the small remains of the foundations uncovered by the Apple building crew.

Alongside the hospital, a church was found in 2009, during the construction of a new rail station. The church remains were preserved behind glass in the church’s mezzanine for viewing by the public.

It seems Apple will do the same so visitors of the store can enjoy another piece of the area’s great history; Apple are going to build the store around the hospital’s foundations, leaving them intact in the basement with glass panels built into the store’s basement flooring for viewing. It is still unclear if the public will be able to view the ruins, or if the basement will be for employee use only. But Apple have been advised to trace an outline of the historic sites walls on the store’s flooring, as well as an informative plaque to explain the reasoning behind the tracing of the floor.

Unfortunately we don’t know when the new Apple store will open, but I’m sure it will hold onto its piece of history with pride. The store itself is going to be an absolute monster, measuring in at 6,000 square meters, making it one of Apple’s largest flagship stores.

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