TRAILER: Fable Anniversary is a HD remake of the Xbox original, headed to Xbox 360 this year

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Lionhead Studios have just revealed a teaser trailer for the next game in the Fable franchise.

Well, sorta.

Rather than being a whole new adventure, the studio is heading back to the series’ roots with Fable Anniversary, a HD remake of the 2004 title that introduced gamers to Peter Molyneux’s fairy-tale inspired world of Albion.

Though the above trailer gives little away beyond a high-resolution model of the game’s main antagonist, Jack Of Blades, a few other details of the remake have been revealed.

Penned in for release this year, the visually upgraded Anniversary will include improved lighting effects and high-resolution textures, alongside an updated control scheme and user interface that will bring the game in line with newer entries into the series. A new save system will also be introduced, accommodating The Lost Chapters special edition content, which looks also set for inclusion. Smart Glass functionality has also been teased.

The above trailer ends with the Xbox 360 logo, suggesting the remake will at least be coming to the current Microsoft console, though we wouldn’t rule out an Xbox One version either. Expect to find out more about Fable Anniversary at E3.

Gerald Lynch
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