BubblePod 360 degree smart phone camera to be funded by Kickstarter

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Bubblepod.JPGWant to capture 360 degree images on your smart phone? Then you might want to check out the BubblePod which is currently being funded by Kickstarter.

It’s a clockwork turntable that grips and rotates your smartphone, whilst the accompanying free BubblePix App uses your smartphone’s camera to capture your 360º photograph.

Tom Lawton, Inventor of the BubblePod, explains: “The BubblePod’s lightweight, portable design provides an exciting way to capture the world around you – whether you’re out with friends, photographing a property or potential buyers, or travelling around the world.”

The BubblePod’s base even features a wine bottle insert mount for ’round the dinner table’ moments and the app can record an audio clip to totally capture the atmosphere of a scene.

Unlike ‘stitching’ apps which try to create panoramic photos by merging together separate images, the BubblePod is able to keep the phone perfectly level for ‘seamless’ 360 degree images. Compatible with the latest iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphones, the BubblePod will be available in October 2013, assuming funding is secured.

At the time of writing, Bubblepod had achieved £25,000 of its £30,000 funding target with 21 days to go making its production a virtual certainty.

For more information and to pre-order a Bubblepod go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1218595273/bubblepod-professional-360o-images-in-less-than-a-0?ref=live

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