Xbox Reveal: How to watch tonight's Xbox 720 launch live stream

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gaming-xboxlogo.jpgThe wait is almost over – tonight we’ll finally get to see what Microsoft have been working on as their successor to the Xbox 360 console. Kicking off at 6PM GMT / 10AM PST, it’s set to be one of the most talked about gaming launches of the year. And whether the device turns out to be called the Xbox 720, Infinity or just plain old Xbox, you’ll be able to find out all the latest details live, as they’re announced. Here’s how to watch tonight’s Xbox launch event live stream.

On your Xbox

Xbox 360 owners will be able to stream the event live to their consoles. A large XboxReveal tile has been added to the dashboard especially for tonight. Hit it and you’ll be able to watch all the announcements straight from your console. and

Both and will be hosting a livestream of the event, so if you can’t get to your console tonight, you can still catch it all on Microsoft’s official channels.

Spike TV and Game Trailers

Popular gaming sites Game Trailers and Spike TV will also be hosting video streams. Game Trailers may in fact be the best place to watch the live stream, as they’ll have an open comments channel to watch too, letting you follow the world’s reaction to the new console reveals.

Right here!

Once the action kicks off and the dust has settled, we’ll be popping up the video to the whole thing, letting you (hopefully) relive all the excitement of tonight’s announcements. Or at the very least shout at Microsoft for that bloody always-on connection if they have indeed decided to go down that DRM route. We’ll also be offering full coverage and analysis of everything that’s announced, so check back to Tech Digest tonight for all the next-gen Xbox details.

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