Xbox One's Kinect 2.0 will be available for Windows PCs

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xbox-one-Kinect.jpgMicrosoft have confirmed that the Xbox One’s new and improved Kinect sensor will be made available to Windows PC users.

Speaking to ShackNews, Kinect’s program manager Scott Evans revealed that Microsoft “will bring [Kinect] to PC”, stating that more details would be brought to light “soon”.

The Windows PC community of hackers proved invaluable to the original Kinect – while gamers were jaded with the peripheral’s lack of accuracy and poor software support, the PC community of Kinect owners found many memorable and potentially useful applications for the technology.

While no firm release date for Kinect 2.0 for PC has been given (unsurprising considering we are still waiting on a firm release date for the Xbox One console itself), if the release timing of the first model is anything to go by, expect to see the new sensor made available to PC users within its first year of release.

Now able to process as much as 2Gbits of data a second, the new Kinect’s camera will also be able to recognise more advanced gestures and movements. Capturing 1080p video and recognising more advanced skeletal maps with more joints and articulation points, the sensor’s voice recognition technology has been updated to allow for more conversational control commands to be stated.

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